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Fee schedules

New Client Consult

New client consultation, 90 minutes: $250

What to expect: Before your appointment you'll complete an in-depth health questionnaire, Dr. Guan will review this in detail before your visit. During the first visit we do a deep dive into your current health concerns, followed by a thorough intake of your health history (social, environmental, genetic, family, nutrition, lifestyle and etc), and a whole person look into all the things that contribute or detract from your health. We will then create a personalized plan (testing recommendations, food, nutrition, lifestyle and other) and discuss your individualized plan for follow ups and further appointment needs.


Return Consult

Return client consultation, 45 minutes: $125


Membership Program 

Plans available for individuals and families

Want to have access to care when you need it. Appreciate email feed back, regular check-ins, discounts on testing and supplements. These are some of the benefits of the commitment to your health and a membership with Balanced Natural health. For pricing and more information, contact Heather at