Prevention starts before conception

Integrative Fertility, Pregnancy and Motherhood

Preparing for an optimal pregnancy

You are ready to start or grow your family, Congratulations! This season is one of the most amazing times in your life. Balanced Natural Health's integrative fertility services can help you to prepare your body to be ready to support the growth of a new life.

You have the potential to help provide the best start for your baby by optimizing your health before pregnancy. These efforts will also ensure you are ready for rearing kids and will support an optimal recovery postpartum. 


Advanced Care

If you are like many families struggling with infertility, naturopathic medicine has a lot to offer you. Integrative care can provide a tremendous amount of support for many conditions associated with infertility, such as thyroid imbalances, endometriosis, PCOS and even unexplained causes for infertility and find improved outcomes with integrative and holistic care. I am here to help provide options for enhancing your fertility naturally. I may recommend herbal medicines to support ovulation or lengthen your cycle, or nutrients to improve sperm counts. We can gain a clearer picture of potential causes of infertility by looking at your lifestyle, genetics or running in-depth hormonal tests. I offer both individual and couples appointments to meet your fertility needs.

Pregnancy, Post-partum and Motherhood

The birth of a child comes with a tremendous amout of emotion, spiritual and physical changes. Whether your are looking for help with optimizing breast milk production, colicky babies, depression, anxiety or simply feeling like yourself again, I can help you navigate this sometimes confusing and yet joyous path. Get the support you need to feel at your best.