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Prevention starts before conception

Integrative Fertility, Pregnancy and Motherhood

Preparing for an optimal pregnancy

You are ready to start or grow your family. Congratulations! This season is one of the most amazing times in your life. My integrative fertility services prepare you to be ready to support the growth and health of a new life.

You’re here because you know you have the potential to provide the best start for your baby by optimizing your health before pregnancy. The parent’s microbiome, diet, and lifestyle all have an impact on the genetic expression and constitution of their baby.

Our efforts go one step further to ensure you are ready for rearing kids and support your optimal recovery postpartum, all leading to the start of a healthy family and healthy baby.


Infertility Care

Today 1 in 8 couples is struggling with infertility, and the numbers are only getting worse. We can take the critical steps to support our bodies to heal on the inside and out. Too often, fertility care lacks deep insight into the health of the couple or the support they need to create to build their fertility.

We investigate the root causes, uncover imbalances and then support you to take the steps needed to bring you back into balance through a personalized care plan taking into consideration everything from your genetics, hormone metabolism to your gut health.

Pregnancy, Post-partum and Motherhood

With the birth of a child comes with a tremendous amount of emotion, spiritual, and physical changes. Whether you are looking for help with optimizing breast milk production, colicky babies, depression, anxiety, or simply feeling like yourself again, I can help you navigate this sometimes confusing and yet joyous path. Don't wait to get the support you need to feel at your best.

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