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Balanced Natural Health

Creating vibrant and glowing health

Dr. Guan treats her patients with such compassion and spends time to develop relationships built on trust and respect. Her breadth of knowledge is far-reaching. She desires that her patients be well-informed so that they can make responsible decisions to ensure the healthiest, most positive outcomes.

A physician is defined as a person trained in the art of healing. This is the true essence of Dr. Breanna Guan. I look forward to continuing this journey of restorative health with her.
— C. Mauer

Gx Weight Balance

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Get Clarity on

  • What macronutrients do you need for weight balance? Fats vs Carbs and proteins?
  • What are your personalized vitmain needs?
  • Exercise type, aerobic vs weight bearing for weight loss and fitness?
  • Personalized nutrition and supplementation plan to take you're health to a whole new level. 
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