Dr. BreAnna M. Guan, Natural Fertility and Women's Health

Creating Health

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Women's Balance

For All stages and Transitions

Women will often ask me how I treat PCOS for example or what type of diet will I recommend. I have to tell them honestly that I don’t treat PCOS, rather, I work with unique women and together we create personalized plans for them. I don’t recommend a single diet type or use supplement protocols. I’m interested in what makes you unique. I recommend food as medicine to support healing and nourishment for a specific person. This is personalized care. I don’t treat disease, I empower women to find their own healing.

Whether you’re just starting out in the season of menarche or are transitioning to menopause and beyond, I’ve got you covered. Find natural solutions for bone and skin health, menopause symptoms, endometriosis, thyroid disorders or PCOS and more. I help women find balance so they can great glowing and vibrant health.

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Inspired Journey to create health

Whole person care. I already know you are ready to feel better but what I want to know is what is your dream health? I mean your top of the world healthiest you. Who do you want to be with this precious life of yours and how can we get you there.

The Journey. First and foremost your plan has to be functional, meaning, it has to fit into your life. We start where you are and take steps that you’ll feel good about making. If we do too much too fast it will all fall apart. We adjust and we fine tune on this journey. Along the way, I provide high end touch services so that you have the support you need.

We celebrate your success because not everyday is perfect but everyday has it’s victories. This is how we’re supporting your optimal mindset because it absolutely matters. We are working towards you loving yourself, and your body so you can be your absolute best version of you, ripe with freedom and possibility.


DR. BreAnna M . Guan