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First consultations $300 Return consultations $200 We accept payment, via cash, card, check, and HSA.
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Fee schedules

First Consultation

90 minutes $300

What to expect: Before your appointment you'll complete an in-depth health questionnaire, Dr. Guan will review this in detail before your visit. During the first visit we do a deep dive into your current health concerns, followed by a thorough intake of your health history (social, environmental, genetic, family, nutrition, lifestyle and etc.) and a whole person look into all the things that contribute or detract from your health.

You will receive a personalized plan including the following

  • Testing recommendations- many times testing is incomplete and thus underlying causes are not seen. Dr. Guan will provide you with a list of recommended tests based on your intake. Testing may include, Dutch testing, genetic, functional nutritional, GI Mapping, in-depth hormonal analysis, allergy and others.

  • Food/nutrition- a personalized food plan with recommendations, resources, recipes and sample meal plan to help optimize your nutritional status and personal biochemistry

  • Supplements- a supplement plan will be created for you with recommendations for specific products, dosages and timing. Supplements may be botanical/herbal, nutritional or

  • Lifestyle- you’ll receive tips about how to optimize your sleep, stress management, movement/exercise to support your hormonal balance and fertility.

  • Environmental- Dr. Guan will share with you how to keep yourself protected from the harmful impacts of toxins and chemicals on your hormonal system.

  • Cycle mapping and Conception support- Dr. Guan will review your cycle mapping and make recommendations about timing frequency and how to optimize your hormonal balance.


Return Consultations

45 minutes $200